FILACH Products

There is currently no similar product of comparable parameters in the global market. The advantage of FILACH products if compared to the competition is not only their twice to three times higher endurance but also their multifunctionality. Using one universal device during an intervention increases the capability of a fire fighter to concentrate on helping evacuees and at the same time effectively protect them and himself because he knows he can use FILACH cape and blanket against fire and corrosive substances as well as mechanical barrier or isolation against electric current. The products can be made to measure.


  • certifications necessary for fire regulations and work safety
  • training needed about techniques of the product application in crisis situations
  • recertification of products for repeated use
  • For details on prices, training and recertification see…

FILACH Protective Cape emergency protective equipment

  • Against highly corrosive chemicals and flame
  • In an industrial environment by the accident or hazardous handling with HAZMAT
  • Perfect for use as evacuation equipment
  • Emergency protection in tactical situations

FILACH Protective Cape allows use over the current tactical dress as well as with specialized equipment such as helmet, tactical vest, etc. FILACH Protective Cape EOD is suitable to be worn over ballistic EOD suit against leakage of corrosive or combustible liquids under the ballistic panels.

FILACH Protective Cape Rescue / EOD (front slit) for live saving situations and EOD for long-time protection of rescue services and rescued people against heat, flame, steam and aggressive chemicals

FILACH Protective Cape Tactic (with sleeves) for tactical units for short period protection on duty against heat, flame, molten metal droplets and when it is necessary to stay movable. The product is space-saving. Folded cape in a pouch can be attached to a belt and used immediately. It is available in two sizes L and XL (or other on request).

FILACH Fire Blanket gives complex protection

  • Against fire (an emergency cover against exposure to direct flame: when entering a building on fire, against steam or fire under a car bonnet etc.
  • Against flammable liquids and aggressive chemicals in tactical environment
  • Serves also as an electrical isolation device

The product is easy to storage. Tactical Fire Blanket is possible to miniaturize in a palm-sized package. Pulling FILACH Fire Blanket out of carrying MOLLE pouch is possible in a few seconds.

It is available in 2 basic sizes (size can be adjusted as required):

FILACH Fire Blanket Tactical(1×1 m) for immediate protection against flames, aggressive chemicals electricity

FILACH Fire Blanket Rescue (2×1 m) for immediate protection of immobilized persons in vehicles

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